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Easy Adjust Idle Tick Over Screw for KTM 125 200 250 300 EXC Keihin PWK CHOICE

Easy Adjust Idle Tick Over Screw for KTM 125 200 250 300 EXC Keihin PWK CHOICE

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Smokn Easy Adjust Idle Screw for 2 stroke Keihin PWK Carburettors

This idle screw replaces the black plastic original to give quick easy access to your tick-over speed without the need for tools or even removing your gloves.

Originally launched in 2011 with thousands sold worldwide, this is a tried & tested design made in Scotland from Aerospace specification aluminium alloy on the latest CNC machinery working to ridiculously accurate tolerances. You will not be disappointed!

Please note it is designed to use the original spring so is not supplied with one.

What are the benefits?

Warming up

Engine idle speed varies as the bike heats up to normal operating temperature. 

If the idle speed is correct when fully heated up it'll be lower when the bike is warming up causing it to run poorly, stall or even foul a spark plug.

Simply start the bike from cold, turn the idle screw in by 4 flats (360 degrees) & leave it to warm up quicker & smoother on a higher idle. 

When you're ready to ride turn the screw back 4 flats to return it to normal.

Climate, temperature & altitude changes

2 strokes are sensitive to climate, temperature & altitude changes, even one long hill climb can alter the way a bike runs. You can compensate for this by raising the idle speed so that the bike doesn't cut out on tick-over. 


Some Enduro racers like to increase the tick over speed on special tests to reduce the chance of the bike cutting out, now its a quick easy job.


Internal corrosion is a major cause of engine failure in 2 strokes so running your bike up to operating temperature after every wash is essential. 

Raising the tick-over speed slightly speeds up this process & avoids fouling the spark plug.


Quick & easy idle adjustment with no tools

Doesn’t stick & seize like the original plastic screw

Fits most Keihin PWK carburettors found on the majority of 2 stroke dirt bikes since the 1990's

CNC precision manufactured from Aerospace quality aluminium alloy to full ISO 9001 standards in the UK

Improved spring stop location for increased adjustment

Lightweight & precise fit

Square profile adjuster for easy grip & precise adjustment

Smokn Easy Adjust Air Mixture Screws are also available to compliment the idle screws for complete carburettor adjustability at your finger tips,  please visit our eBay shop to view them.

Please check your own carburettor before purchasing to make sure it is a Keihin PWK as manufacturers sometimes swapped between carburettor manufacturers from year to year.

Basically if your bike has a black plastic idle screw with a spring it's a Keihin, if it has a steel idle screw with a lock nut it's a Mikuni.

We also sell idle & air mixture screws for Mikuni TMX carburettors which is the other main unit used for 2 stroke dirt bikes, please visit our eBay shop to view them & check out the twin pack options too.

Also just to confuse things a bit more......

Some of the smaller PWK's from the early 1990's (especially those fitted to Kawasaki KDX's) have a different design where the fuel inlet pipe crossed over in front of the idle screw, this makes it impossible to fit the longer idle screws but I have a shorter version available if you need one.

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