Quick Release Rear Number Plate Bracket – Husqvarna 17 on



When riding off road a rear number plate is a very easy item to break.

A full size road legal plate is ridiculously big for a dirt bike & incredibly vulnerable to getting snapped off.

The small flexi plates that most people use are a magnet for getting stopped on the road & apparently the police are clamping down on this, the current fine is £100 I believe.

Even these small flexi plates don’t last that long & need replaced on a fairly regular basis.


This simple lightweight bracket attaches to your standard rear mudguard & once fitted, allows you to remove & refit the number plate of your choice in seconds without tools.

You can now quickly swap between

  • having no plate at all when riding completely off road
  • having a flexi plate when riding green lanes etc
  • having a full size plate for road riding


Product Description

Quality Construction & Design:

The bracket is made from high quality stainless steel & laser cut to the exact shape of the Husqvarna rear mudguard. All component parts have been chosen for their quality & suitability.


Suggestion for storage while riding off road:

I use a cheap ipad case to help protect my number plates when stored in my rucksack, it is the perfect size for my standard road legal plate.

The spring loaded fasteners can secure a normal road legal number plate or a thinner flexi-plate, they are knurled for ease of use & simply push in to secure & twist to release. They also fit securely back into the bracket when riding off road without a plate fitted so there is less chance of losing them.


Now just to be completely clear…….

This bracket has been designed to be fitted to the part of the rear mudguard assembly directly below the tail lamp that most people use to attach the rear number plate to, not the additional extension piece with the number plate light that comes with the road kit from new.

This bracket does not make your bike fully road legal, it simply allows you to fit & remove whatever size of number plate you choose to use quickly & easily to the part of the bike most people use for fitting them.


Items included in the kit:

  • Stainless steel plate pre-drilled & fitted with the 2 quick release brackets
  • 2 quarter turn quick release fasteners
  • 4 countersunk pop rivets with backing washers
  • Fitting instructions
  • Template for drilling & cutting rear number plate holder on bike


Tools required to fit:


  • Pop rivet gun
  • 3.5mm drill bit to drill rear mudguard
  • 8mm drill bit to drill number plate
  • Stanley knife


To Fit the Following Models:

Husqvarna TE & FE All Models 125cc to 501cc 2017 & newer