Air Mixture Screws

KTM 2 Stroke/Keihin PWK – Easy Adjust Air Screws After the success of our Easy-Adjust Idle Screws we have now manufactured this Easy-Adjust Air Mixture Screw to compliment it. We have designed it to be the perfect shape & length to allow for quick easy adjustment in seconds rather than having to stop & dig out the toolkit for a screw driver every time. You can now have total control of your Keihin PWK carburettor settings without the need for tools. CNC precision manufactured to the highest ISO 9001 standards in the UK by highly qualified senior engineers using high grade aluminium. Fitting is very straight forward but please follow these notes carefully to avoid problems:

Assuming you have your bike running fairly well already you must find where the existing airscrew is set, as a benchmark, before removing it. To do this count the number of turns it takes before the screw is fully in (this is usually in the region of one & a half turns) Now remove the existing air screw & spring (please note there is a very small washer & O-ring after the spring that’s very easy to miss, take extreme care when removing. Fit the spring to the new air screw first, then the metal washer & finally the O-ring. Apply a very small amount of copper grease to the threads of the air screw to avoid seizure over time, then insert it in the carburettor & adjust to the same setting as the original. Apparently the same original air mixture screw has been fitted to the vast majority of Keihin PWK carburettors. Available in polished alloy or a choice of 6 anodised colours to co-ordinate with your bike. Please contact me for postage discounts on more than one item. Please email me at or phone me on 07775 603320 if you require any more information.


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